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Protection of the Enviroment

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This project is actively preserved, protect and restore the Environment. The primary goal of an environmental project is not income generation but to Address a specific Environmental concern. Our main concern that gives consideration is for a tree nursery where majority of the seedling are used to restore a riverbank or a tree nursery, where chief activity is to sell seedling to the community

Strategic directions:
• Actual environmental intervention by dealing with cutting and using for building pants considered endangered.
• Improve the environment by beautifications is through planting different plant of species that will suited to the climatically condition of Kenya county government and Somalia Government.
• Sensitizing the community on environmental protection issues and measures in line with global standard to achieve a secure environment for sustainable development.
• Undertaking further research and survey on the prevailing
environmental challenges affecting PPRI Coverage area and coming up with possible solutions to address those environmental concerns.
• Tackling problems related to soil erosion devising ways to address e.g.planting trees in areas most affected by erosion.

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