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Youth Empowerment

Objectives of youth program is a youth at risk (ex-combatants, Drugs Addiction and Joining radicals, schools drop out, orphans). The intervention extends economic reintegration support for 300 youth caseloads registered under the different peace centers located in the northern counties within Kenya and SCZof the republic of Somalia.

The aim of this project is to enhance the employability and skills development for youth at risk through vocational skills training, job placements and entrepreneurship skills training and enterprise development service during start-ups and operational period of their business.
Strategic Direction
• Establishing of Provision capacity building trainings centers for youth skill development that will gain knowledge that provide to work for themselves.
• Youth Education promotion.
• Creation of employment for the youth
• Mobilizing the youth towards the achievements of equal opportunity regardless of status or race.
• Doing further research and survey on basic and underlying causes of youth engaging evil activities in PPRI Coverage area.
• To support the education activities through mobilization of youth to eradicate illiteracy.

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